The is not a website which collect and methodise the products of the far-eastern factories, but this is an enterprise which offers asian import services.
Our services:
Full import service:
- find a product or products according to the order of the consigner
-perform factory audit before you place the order to ensure that the factory can
  fulfil your order.
-plan your trip and assist you during your trip in China to make it more productive.
-consolidation of goods from various factories into one container.
-perform final inspection before shipment
-transport of the goods from Asia to any European destination, the full service includes the Asian mainland transport,
 shipping space booking, sea transport, the customs clearing process at European border, mainlad transport in Europe.
-we offer 100% guaranty for the shipped products to be the same as the samples.
Partial servicies:
 -agent activity to find the perfect Asian partner
-in case of a live asian contact we can organise the full transporting process of the goods as outsourcing service.
-partial forwarding and customs clearence process is NOT our job.
Target partners of ours
-companies which don’t have any or safe contacts in Asia.
-companies which don’t have enough experience in overseas import acivity.
-companies which have both of the aboves but still can see the fact that this part of the business is more effective if professional
 out-source is taken into it instead of employing own workers, this way they’ll have more energy to focus on the main parts of their
-at the beginning of the activity or because of  the specifics of the products the company doesn’t have enough quantity to
order to optimize the freight costs.
Our activity: 
 Our activity is based on the activity of Keramix International Franchise (
 One part of our partners is coming form the Keramix’s business relationships. Such partners which have recognized, that Keramix
 has had experiences in importing from Asia for many years with huge quantity of imported goods, that the contacts are safe and
 well known, the customers are satisfied and return.
 The first customers of ours were those kinds of our older partners who wanted to purchase different products from the
 Keramix’s standard products.
 After a period of time, thanks for the customers, the sortiment of the imported products became so various, that we had to separate
 them from the Keramix’s standard sortiment.
At the not only the sortiment but the approach is different too. While Keramix is trading with products and
makes profit by the margin, the offers an out-source service for an agreed comission with a level
between 5-10% depending on the agreement and the volume.


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